Welcome, I am Jee. I am a wife, a mother of two girls and San Diego based graphic designer who focuses on logotype and lettering. I have taught myself calligraphy. I love a pencil and paper as much as I love coffee. I enjoy to work with creative people. I am ready to help people to solve a problem. Contact me for design collaboration.
Thank you for leaving a message. I will get back to you as soon as I received it. Have a creative day!
A story about me—
I made a decision, a big decision that lead me to this life, back in 2005. I realized that I need to challenge myself to learning about what truly love to do for living. 

Learning by assisting senior designers were not enough to fulfill my eager to know about the logo and identity design when I worked at a graphic design studio in Seoul, Korea right after I achieved an associate degree in Industrial Design major. I admired all the people in my design team so much just because they knew how to design a logo, how to solve a problem and how to sell their solution to the clients. They were good. I wanted to be better. 
So I decided to give myself a chance to study out side of my comfort zone and get experience from a bigger world where the people in my office have not had. 
After all the researches and preparation, in 2009, I started to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I found myself getting more into drawing perfect curves influenced by beloved type designer, Doyald Young. Being super detail-oriented designer as I was taught by Leah Hoffmitz Milken—I deeply sad about I cannot see them, the two great mentors/designers in this life anymore. 
I finally graduated a major of graphic design with honors in 2012. Soon after graduation, I got married and moved down to San Diego county. With supporting from dear husband, I started a graphic design studio, Logogramm Design, on July 2013. I have focused more on print base graphic design because I love the process of designing logotype and lettering especially those sketching phase. I love to sharpen my leads and scratch the paper with them. Drawing nice curves and polishing the details make me feel right and feel alive. 
I am available to design logotype and lettering to help people solve their problem and make their business appeal to their potential customers visually. I much welcome to get in touch with other designers who are looking for collaboration. 
Please leave me a message regarding about anything: job offering, collaborating project or comments on my work. Feel free to say hello! I'd love to hello back!
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